Male Galápagos penguin
Mirador de Bartolomé
Bartolomé submarine crater
Bartolomé beach



To visit Bartolomé Island we will meet at 6 or 7 AM from your hotel to take you to the Itabaca Channel in Santa Cruz Island. At this dock you will board the boat that will take you to Bartolomé Island in approximately 2 hours.


Once at Bartolomé the first part of the tour consists of a wooden stair hike that takes you 117mts above water level where you can appreciate one of the most famous sceneries in the world, “The Tower of Bartolomé.” Through the hike you will also learn about the geology of the island and its arrival and establishment of species. The second part of the Bartolomé Island tour consists of visiting the beach located next to the underwater crater. Here you can relax and rest from the hike. Subsequently, a short boat ride will take you around Bartolomé Island for penguin watching and for those who want to closely interact with the penguins, sea lions and other marine life, snorkeling will be an option.



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